One Golden Hour

“One Golden Hour”

14 Inspirational Hymns and songs


1. We Behold the Splendor of God Listen
2. Only in God is My Soul at Rest Listen
3. Abba Father Listen
4. As I Kneel Before You Listen
5. Gentle is My Love Listen
6. Peace Like a River Listen
7. Because He Lives Listen
8. A Living Prayer Listen
9. The Hiding Place Listen
10. Jesus, All For Jesus Listen
11. Holy is His Name Listen
12. I Will Enter His Gates Listen
13. O Lamb of God Listen
14. Saint Patrick’s Breastplate Listen





Ali Highly Reccomended

“One Golden Hour” is a wonderful arrangment of songs beautifully sung by Bernard and truely inspirational.
It really is well worth listening to and would make a wonderful gift.
Madeleine O’Brien Ideal for reflecting on the positives of life.

Encourages peaceful reflection and relaxation. Beautiful and perfect to listen to at the end of a stressful day!
Cliodhna Rae One golden hour – an hour of gold

A beautiful, prayerful and peace-giving album which will bring pleaseure and solace to many. Ideal for quiet meditation or for finding quiet space in a busy world. Thanks for the talent that is Bernard.
Bert Ritchie complete album

I have had the pleasure of listening to this album many times and never cease to be inspired. Bernard has a soothing voice which compliments the sacredness of the songs. There are some in the Kingdom who are blessed with exceptional talent, I believe Bernard is God’s gift to the church which brings the listener to share in a moment of spirtual reconciliation with God and his fellow believer. “Be still and know that I am God.”
Jacqueline One Golden Hour

Really enjoyed
this album. It’s very spiritual. Easy listening.
Christine Easy, Peaceful Listening

This cd has a special quality of its own. Bernard’s voice is lovely to listen to as well as fervent and sincere and the gentle backing vocals are very nice too. The overiding feeling is that this cd is genuinely from the heart, is very spiritual and it has a calming, soothing appeal.